Want to become a Member of the Comanche Chamber of Commerce?

Why you should join the chamber of commerce?

Chambers of Commerce provide access to valuable resources, discounts, and relationships that help businesses save money and market their products. Joining the Comanche Chamber of Commerce can boost sales and significantly improve a local business’ visibility and credibility.

     More Exposure

When you join the Comanche Chamber of Commerce, one of the benefits will be the new exposure you receive just by virtue of being a member.  This exposure to a wider audience can open doors to new business opportunities and partnerships right away.

    Marketing and Advertising

Chambers offer a lot of marketing opportunities to their members, including personal recommendations, website ads, email lists, social media audiences, community events, sponsorship opportunities, and advertising avenues.


One of the greatest benefits of joining a Chamber of Commerce is the networking opportunity it provides for businesses and owners. Networking with other business owners allows you to form new alliances, share ideas and support other businesses.

    Professional Development and Training

The Comanche Chamber of Commerce offers professional development events led by other members who are experts in their fields or outside entities. These trainings range from money management, software, and sales to social media and marketing. Members typically receive professional development training at a discounted rate or free of charge as part of their membership.

Membership levels

 Agriculture/Individual/Family (no businesses): $100.00

# of employees (including ownership) 1 Employees: $125.00

# of employees (including ownership) 2-5 Employees: $150.00

# of employees (including ownership) 6-9 Employees: $200.00

# of employees (including ownership) 10-19 Employees: $250.00

# of employees (including ownership) 20-29 Employees: $300.00.00

# of employees (including ownership) 30-39 Employees: $400.00

# of employees (including ownership) 40+ Employees: $450.00

Non-Profits: $100.00 Organizations & Churches: $100.00

Medical/Hospital/Nursing Homes $250.00

Financial Institutions $450.00

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