Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! It’s getting to be Food Truck Rodeo season, and I can’t wait! If you’re local to the Comanche area, you ought to know what the Food Truck Rodeo is all about, but if you’re not, I can see how you might have a few questions. Let me just tell you that I think the Food Truck Rodeo is one of the coolest concepts for an annual shindig in small town Texas. I mean, it feels like a big city event minus the hassle of the big city. Perfect, right?!?

I know, I know… you’re probably saying to yourself, “get to the point already… tell me what it is.” Simmer down, now… I’m getting there! The Food Truck Rodeo is an all day event held at the rodeo grounds in Comanche, Texas. As the name implies, food trucks from all over the great state of Texas line the perimeter of the arena. There’s live music all day and all night. With an abundance of activities for the kids and a multitude of vendors showcasing some really unique offerings, it truly is a family friendly affair. To add to the fun, there’s a goat roping which is both impressive and hilarious to watch. (I’ve never been brave enough to participate, but you’re sure welcome to if you’re so inclined.) That’s the gist of it.

I have such a hard time trying to pick my favorite thing about the Food Truck Rodeo. I mean, I love, LOVE food (and I’m hungry as I write this), so my first instinct is to choose the food trucks. (Who doesn’t love a good turkey leg or funnel cake?) When it comes to food trucks, I’m always shocked (and slightly embarrassed) by the amount of food I can eat. In years past, I’ve enjoyed crawfish, egg rolls, fajitas, shrimp on a stick, pretzels, BBQ, funnel cakes, turkey legs, and specialty sodas & teas at the Food Truck Rodeo. (Not all at one time, guys… I’ve been every year. Ha!) Anyway, what is it about a food truck that makes everything taste amazing?!? When I first arrive on the scene of the Food Truck Rodeo, I find myself giddy as I scan the offerings and make a plan of attack. I can say with 100% certainty that you WILL find something that calls to you.

While I’m snacking on my food, I like to wander about the vendor area. I’ve seen some really cool things at the Food Truck Rodeo from neon signs, super swanky apparel, turquoise jewelry, home décor, and glow in the dark toys for kids. (Remember this event lasts well into the night, and every kid needs a light saber or glowing unicorn bubble blower, am I right?) This year, they’re expecting around 30 vendors, so I’m willing to bet there’s going to be some unique goods. I’ll most likely find something I can’t live without. (Don’t tell my husband. But, I mean… if he finds an awesome neon beer sign for his collection, then we’ll both be happy, right?)

Speaking of beer, this is a BYOB event. (I need to mention there’s a $20 cooler charge.) So, load up that cooler & some camping chairs and get ready to settle in for some all day entertainment! While I consider the goat roping to be entertainment, and I am simply a spectator, others consider it serious competitive business and will most definitely be participants. Whichever side of the fence you’re on, the goat roping is one of the most popular activities at the Food Truck Rodeo. Goats are funny little ornery creatures anyway, but then when you see your boss or neighbor or friends attempt to rope them… that is priceless! With a cold beer in hand, hours can pass without me even noticing.

And, while all of this is going on, don’t forget there’s live music all day & late into the night. So, even if you’re roaming about partaking in all the activities, the sound of Texas country music fills the arena. Between 11am and 5pm, a little something called the Music Chute Out (chute… get it?) will be happening. This is where five up and comers will be competing in what equates to a battle of the bands. Each will play a 45 minute set, and, at the end of the chute out, one winner (chosen by the judges) will be awarded a $500 payout. Pretty cool, eh? (Side note: If you’re a musician, and you’re interested in a chance to compete, submit a video to comanchetxchamber@gmail.com with the subject line “music chute out” by February 15th.)

After 5pm, the stage will be handed over to Wynn Williams, Kolby Cooper, and Kody West. Wynn Williams, a Fort Worth native, has shared the stage with Josh Abbott, Randy Rogers Band, Parker McCollum and more. Kolby Cooper, hailing from Palestine, Texas, has made quite the name for himself in the Red Dirt music scene and tours nationwide. And, the headliner, Kody West, has opened for Koe Wetzel and William Clark Green, amongst many others. He’s played some pretty famous honky tonks like Billy Bob’s and Gruene Hall. He’s also played at some well known music fests like Steamboat Music Festival and the one just on down the road from us… Larry Joe Taylor.

It’s time to find your friends (or make new ones) and settle in for the show! I’ve always really enjoyed this part of the Food Truck Rodeo. I mean, sitting amongst your family and friends, collectively listening to some killer music under the stars… what could be better? So, come March 28, come on out to the Food Truck Rodeo. Play all day, and stay all night!


Date: March 28, 2020

Time: 11am – 12am midnight

Ticket Prices:

  • Adults (18+) 11am-5pm – $10
  • Adults (18+) after 5pm – $15
  • Children (9-17) anytime – $5
  • Children (8 & under) – Free
  • Cooler charge – $20

Purchase tickets online at www.comanchetxchamber.org or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ComancheChamber/

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