I am a business owner, entrepreneur, and author on a mission to help others in the discovery of their true identities, their biological families and everyone dealing with DNA surprises.

Lezlee Martin Liljenberg
Lezlee Martin Liljenberg

In a previous life I was a successful commercial real estate broker and in 2004 turned to insurance starting my first agency from ground zero, growing the business to over $6 million in revenue in less than 12 years. After 18 years the enterprise was sold and Liljenberg Insurance Expert Witness was formed, where I am a consultant and expert witness for insurance cases.

Over the past 30 years, I knew there was something not quite right with comments and issues popping up concerning my past. DNA test from Ancestry sparked even more uncertainty in my heritage.

I spent several years asking all the right questions of family and friends, to no avail.  Then in 2020, my brother encouraged me to take the 23andMe test which would turn life in a totally new, exciting, and, needless to say, a topsy turvy direction.

In 2021 I was fortunate to discover the identity of my true biological family and have taken numerous steps to meet them, many times with disappointment and pain, but more importantly, I have encountered love and acceptance that overcomes the hurts.
The uncertainty drives this search forward and closer to the truth of the past and that of others.

I share my DNA story about love, loss, pain and pursuit of the truth to hopefully help others know that they are not alone. My story is not an unusual one as the community of the “Non-Parent Expected” grows exponentially every year.

I wholeheartedly believe that age should never keep you back from learning more and taking new adventures. No matter our age, ethnicity, origins or skin color we all are in this thing called “Life” together.

**Lezlee Liljenberg holds a BA in Journalism/Public Relations and a MA in Political Science/Public Administration from the University of Texas at Arlington. She has published two books and numerous articles. Her story of her DNA journey entitled “If You Only Knew-A DNA Journey” will be her next publication and you can follow her blog and stay in touch with her at https://www.iamlezlee.com.

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