Welcome to Kleine Fluss Ranch, where quality and integrity meet in our commitment to providing top-notch cattle for your operation. Nestled in the heart of Comanche County, our ranch is dedicated to raising and selling premium “Super Baldy” calves and replacement heifers that exceed expectations in both performance and temperament.

At Kleine Fluss Ranch, we take pride in our Super Baldies, a sought-after crossbreed renowned for its exceptional qualities. Our Super Baldy calves and replacement heifers are the offspring of carefully selected registered Brangus bulls and a combination of registered and non-registered Hereford cows. This strategic breeding program ensures that our cattle inherit the best traits from both breeds, resulting in offspring with superior genetics, adaptability, and docility.

Whether you need calves for your commercial operation or replacement heifers to strengthen your breeding program, Kleine Fluss Ranch is your trusted source for premium Super Baldy cattle. Contact us today to learn more about our available stock and how we can help meet your cattle needs. Experience the difference of Kleine Fluss Ranch, where excellence is bred into every calf we raise.

11551 Hwy 1476
Comanche , TX 76442 

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