The Durham Pecan legacy began in 1928, when W.M. Durham, Sr. had a vision of providing people with the freshest and highest quality pecans. He wanted to help people earn money during hard times, so he set up long tables for workers to shell pecans by hand, earning money when the pecan meat was weighed.

In 1998, the current owner of Durham’s, H.L. “Odie” Dollins combined Durham’s with Ellis Pecan to form Durham-Ellis Pecan Company. Our company is still family-owned and operated after 85 years of business. Our mission remains the same, establish customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing quality products and services.


Durham-Ellis Pecan Company makes its home in Comanche, Texas, snugly tucked among the hills of Central Texas. Our facilities cover over 130,000 square feet. Each year, Durham-Ellis Pecan Company shells millions of pounds of pecans and roasts millions of pounds of other nuts. We pride ourselves in being able to shell, roast, and package all our products with state-of-the-art processing and packaging equipment. We have adequate cold storage buildings to ensure freshness year-round.

Durham-Ellis Pecan Company is a well-known Pecan Sheller and distributor of hundreds of other nuts, mixes, and candies. Our customer list consists of grocery stores, ingredient users, bakeries, food service suppliers, and restaurants.

We encourage and invite you to make selections from our online store, corporate gifts, fundraising program, and wholesale products.

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