Comanche Electric Co-Op staff like to bet on sports. Some of their favorite bets include who will win the next game, how many runs will be scored, what team will be in the lead at the end of the game and they know how to bet £5 get £30. One of the things that makes betting so enjoyable for these employees is that it can be a way to connect with one another outside of work. When they are all betting together, it creates a sense of community and support.

In fact, many of the Comanche Electric Co-Op employees are huge fans of the NFL and NCAA Division 1 college football. The office has a large TV in the common area where people can watch their favorite games. Often, bets are made before, during and after the games. It’s a fun way to pass the time and also keep everyone in good spirits.

Employees take pride in their betting skills and love to compete against one another. They often talk about their bets and who won or lost during lunchtime, after work, or online. Sport betting is a popular pastime among CEA employees and it’s something that they enjoy doing together.

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