5 Reasons Your Next Vacation Should be in Comanche, Texas

I’ve spent almost all of my life living in a big city. I’ve learned to traverse the horrible rush hour traffic, I’ve adjusted to the rising Austin housing prices, and I continue to shell out more and more cash for the growing price tags on attractions around the area. The daily grind can be headache inducing. Don’t get me wrong, though! There is something to be said about a weekend getaway in a place like Austin or Dallas, but I’ve learned that the most cherished vacations I have had were in small towns. Getting out of the chaos of city life can help you reset and refresh. That is why I highly recommend you head off the beaten path and visit a small town like Comanche, Texas, for your next vacation.

You’re not going to spend a small fortune.

Like I mentioned before, the cost of living in cities is getting out of control and so are the costs of fun things to do. In Comanche, you are not going to have to pay a $20 cover everywhere you go. Plus, the price of a nice meal is a fraction of what your food and drink would cost at a subpar restaurant in a city like Houston.

You’re supporting local businesses.

You are going to know exactly where your dollars are going. In a town the size of Comanche, there is a good chance you will have the opportunity to meet the owners of businesses, local musicians, and artisans and learn more about the local community than you ever would have imagined. After just a few hours exploring the town, you get that “where everybody knows your name” feel.

Fewer crowds means no lines.

My absolute favorite part of a small town vacation is the absence of crowds and long lines. There is nothing worse than spending the day adventuring a new place and working up an appetite to find out that the restaurant you wanted to try is either reservation only or has a two hour wait. No worries here. You won’t be fighting large crowds anywhere you want to go!

Charming local traditions.

Not every town is like Stars Hollow, but many have quirky local events and charming traditions. Whether that be a festival based off local history or an event revolving completely around bacon, you are sure to find something you haven’t seen in Dallas.

You’ll have an experience unique to you.

Who doesn’t love to gloat a bit about their amazing vacations? Be sure to clear out some memory on your phone because you will want to document every moment of your new adventure. One that I’m sure your aunt, neighbor, that random guy you friended on Facebook because you vaguely recognized him, or coworker have never had. Brag away!

Pour yourself a glass of local wine, watch the country sunset, and enjoy the peace and quiet of one of Texas’ charming small towns.

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