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Visit Historical Downtown Comanche!

Visit Historical Downtown Comanche!

If small towns had a front yard, the downtown square would be it. The square is one of the first things visitors notice when driving through rural Texas towns. We are fortunate to have a great “front yard” that tells a story and leaves envy deep inside those passing through wishing they had something quite as nice. It is a place where people gather, pass by everyday, and around which the town revolves. Downtown is the hub for a small town. Luckily, Comanche, Texas, has a phenomenal atmosphere on the square by hosting a variety of small businesses and events!

One of the main features of Comanche’s “front yard” is all of the places to shop and browse! From antiques to a bridal store, and everything in between, you will not go home empty handed. Walking around the square from store to store and searching for the best bargains will surely work up an appetite. Good thing you do not have to go far. There are restaurants and dining options on each side of the square. Here is a more in depth breakdown:



Country Chic Bridal

A bridal boutique with small town charm and big city style. Country Chic bridal has a beautiful gown for every bride and every budget.

Rustic Grace

A newly reopened boutique where you can find the perfect outfit for a casual Saturday or a special occasion. Styles are current, service is personalized, and if you aren’t local, you can also check them out online!

Courthouse Square Antique Mall

Antique mall housing dozens of booths. This is the perfect place to spend a few hours out of the heat, reminiscing about the good ol’ days and uncovering hidden treasures.

Tomorrow’s Keepsakes

This combination coffee shop, cafe, and antique store is one of the unique, must-see places on the Comanche Square. Gourmet coffee, Italian cream soda, homemade pastries, and delicious sandwiches are on the menu. Browse collectibles and antique furniture while your order is being prepared. We recommend the BLTA!

Comanche Mercantile

Residents of the surrounding areas put their art, knives, crafts, and handcrafted snacks on display (and up for sale) in the late 1800s-style mercantile filled with the talents of local makers.

Woven Roots

One of the newest additions to the Comanche Square, featuring women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing sections, shoes, and a beautiful home decor collection. Woven Roots is a great place to find a gift or a treat for yourself!

Unique Antiques and Collectibles

Curated antique collection featuring many collector’s pieces! From gas pumps and porcelain signs to one of a kind jewelry, you’ll make more than a quick stop in this store.




Fine dining meets Comanche, Texas at Harvest. A seasonal menu of steak, seafood, wild game, and family favorites are expertly prepared by executive chef and owner, Todd Sanders. Perfect for date night, special occasions, or a consistently delicious meal.


A casual eatery with a menu ranging from sandwiches and pastas to burgers and chicken-fried steak. Located in one of the historic buildings on the Square, and as the most tenured restaurant on the block, Starbeau’s is a longstanding Comanche staple.

Soda Shop

The sweet treat counterpart to the Comanche Mercantile, the Soda Shop is a step back in time to the days of drug stores, soda fountains, and jukeboxes. The 1950s replica soda shop features malts, shakes, splits, and scoops.

Matt Daddy’s

A casual atmosphere accompanied by great burgers, daily specials, and a good selection of fried appetizers. A great place to bring your family, out of town guests, or stop in for a quick meal.



The Jean Marie Suites

A Victorian-styled bed and breakfast overlooking the historic Comanche Square.

Beautiful, restful, and well appointed are terms guests have used to describe their stay. The Suites are conveniently located and would place you within a few minutes’ walk or drive of anything inside Comanche’s city limits.

See & Do


Kirkland’s Barber Shop

Specializing in men’s cuts and old fashioned hot shaves!

Stone Eagle Beer Garden

Cold brews and live music!

Old Cora

Comanche County’s original courthouse, and the only log courthouse left in the state, is situated on the southwest corner of the Square. Historical markers and information on the area’s history see dozens of guests each month. Stop in and be sure to sign the guest book!

Boasting the perfect combination of heritage and modern amenities, Comanche invites you to our “front yard.” Spend the day enjoying a slower, friendlier pace of life, and walk away with an experience not to be forgotten!

It’s Spring Time In Comanche!

It’s Spring Time In Comanche!

This is my favorite time of year in Central Texas. The four short weeks in May offer some of the last cool temperatures before the heat (and humidity) of the summer arrives. It’s a great time to be outdoors, and Comanche County features some of the very best reasons to get out of the house! With lazy lake days (or days busy catching fish), wildflowers, local shopping, and a great place to unwind at the end of the day, Comanche County is the best place to be this time of year. We’ve had quite a bit of rain in the last few weeks, but with a sunny day in the forecast, we’re headed out to explore!

Brookshire’s is the best place in the area to stock up for a day at the lake, picnics, or a road trip. Carrying only the best varieties in snacks, sunscreen, sports drinks, and all of the ingredients to make sandwiches from their in-store deli, a quick stop at Brookshire’s is a must.

As you make  your way through town, stop to smell the roses, literally. Hop out of the car at Sorrells Farms, and stroll through the store and garden center. May is a month full of celebrations, and Sorrells Farms has all of your gift needs covered. They have a huge selection of home and garden items – perfect for moms, grads, newlyweds, newborns, and everyone in between. The garden center is filled with plants to create the perfect flower bed, summer vegetable garden, or potted plant to accent your front porch. Many of the items in the store are grown or made locally! Think about picking up a sweet treat from their fudge counter (all made in house!) or a thick Bluebonnet Beef ribeye to grill by the lake!

Make a pit stop at The Liquor Store before you head out of town, and be sure you tell owner Charles Mazurek we sent you! The store has a wide variety of spirits, beer, and wine. The Liquor Store, and liquor sales in general, is a fairly new addition to Comanche. The store opened its doors in late 2017. After news broke earlier that year that liquor could soon be sold in the Comanche city limits, Charles and crew started obtaining all the licensing needed to carry and sell liquor. The Liquor Store is conveniently located in town; stop by and choose from their wide selection!

This time of year, the wild flowers are the focal point on every county road in the area. As you head out to the lake, or just meander down a back road, enjoy the vibrant colors that paint the peripherals! Bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrush, and Pink Evening Primrose, among others, are scattered across the fields. We found some of the prettiest near Gustine. While there are great wildflowers to be seen on the county roads leaving Gustine, there are also some great flowers to be seen along more traveled roads! Take a drive along Texas Highway 36 or FM 1476 near Gustine and you’ll find plenty of wild flowers roadside!

Stop in at Country Pickins Cafe, on Highway 2861 near Proctor Lake, for an early lunch. This is one of Comanche County’s hidden gems. They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. At Country Pickins, you can count on delicious food, running into friendly locals, and the best beans you’ve ever had. Word around here is that these are THE BEST BEANS IN TEXAS! Country Pickins’ famous beans are served as an appetizer from a coffee mug. While the beans are the star of the show, don’t miss out on their great burgers and fries! The cafe’s atmosphere is welcoming, and you’re sure to make a friend or two while you have lunch!

With all the rain we have been getting, the water is high on Proctor Lake. Good news is that the fish are biting! Proctor Lake has three recreation areas that offer great opportunities to  fish, hike, skip rocks, and enjoy the view. There are lots of picnic and camping areas within the parks, and some offer playgrounds, boat docks, and more! Proctor Lake is a great place to spend the day exploring, fishing, or enjoying a casual weekend campout.

After a day full of outdoor exploration, the best place to wrap up is Stone Eagle Beer Garden. The beer garden offers a wide variety of domestic, import and craft beers, and wine. With live music most weekend evenings, it’s one of the most happening places around! Situated in a historic building on the Comanche square, the beer garden is reminiscent of pubs of old. Decorated with traditional steins and flags, the atmosphere attracts locals and visitors alike.

Head outside on a sunny day in the next few weeks and enjoy what Comanche County has to offer. Give yourself a couple hours or a weekend to enjoy the slower, friendlier pace.

Hey, Comanche County – where are your favorite places to enjoy the outdoors? Share some of your hidden gems with us! Where do you Explore Comanche?

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Comanche: Holiday Edition

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Comanche: Holiday Edition

Okay, y’all… let’s be honest with one another. Who else watches Hallmark Christmas movies around the clock this time of year? Hands up! It’s okay. You can admit it.

I am a bit of a self proclaimed Scrooge. Ask my husband and kids. Christmas music? Meh. Decorating? Meh. Yes, I decorate every year, but it’s not because I want to. It’s because I see the sideways glances from my family when I say I don’t want to decorate. It’s because Christmas is my husband’s favorite holiday. It’s because the kiddos still have that magical Christmas spirit in their hearts. That’s why I decorate.

However, I discovered the Hallmark Channel a couple Christmases ago. For whatever reason, I tuned in for a whole movie. And, ever since, I’ve been hooked. I feel as though I’m now an expert. I’m telling you… there’s a formula to these things, and they very rarely stray. Girl works in city. Girl travels to tiny, quaint, charming Northeastern town. Girl runs into handsome, wholesome, single fellow, and they get off on the wrong foot. Through a series of serendipitous events, they are forced to continuously spend time together serenaded by endless Christmas music eventually causing them to fall in love. The end.

But, I’m getting way off track. All that to say, if I start watching the Hallmark Channel in mid November, I’m usually pretty spirited enough come early December. You might even catch me singing a Christmas song or drinking hot chocolate. And, I’m not opposed to decorating (even though I won’t admit it).

Because my husband, Aaron, would like for me to be in the Christmas spirit, he does not oppose my obsession with Hallmark Christmas movies. I guess it’s the sacrifice he has to make. He certainly makes snide comments under his breath throughout the entire movie, though. (Marriage is a give and take, y’all. Am I right?)

One thing he likes to do is search Google Maps for the town in which the particular movie takes place. He then reports back on whether or not that town actually exists. More times than not, they don’t exist. This discovery shapes his next comments which are as predictable as the movies themselves. “That does not happen. No place is like that.” And on, and on, and on ad nauseam. (Those are the mild comments… some shouldn’t be repeated.)

These little towns are so idyllic. Who wouldn’t want to live there? There’s a part of me that agrees with him… no place is like that. But, then, I think about Comanche and how far Christmas in Comanche has come over the past few years. Y’all, we’re not a Hallmark movie Northeastern town. But, we’re pretty darn special. Let’s think about this. Let’s talk about some of the top reasons to get out and enjoy Comanche during the holiday season. Okay?


1. Shopping

We have some super cool, very unique little shops in Comanche. Let’s talk about a few of them.

Comanche Mercantile


If you haven’t been in this new addition to the town yet, you need to make this a priority. This 1880’s style mercantile is housed in the old Higginbotham’s building which Revitalize Comanche has impeccably restored. Everything is hand-made by local artisans. From Christmas décor to chocolates to jewelry to knives, there’s a little bit of something for everyone. Plus, they have a gorgeous Christmas tree that screams Hallmark movie!

Photos courtesy of Amy Carroll.


The Soda Shop


Y’all, this is another little gem from years gone by. I wasn’t around in the 50’s, but I’m pretty sure that if I had been, stepping through these doors would feel like stepping back into my glory days. There is so, so much authentic charm in here from the mint green Hamilton Beach milkshake blender to the vintage soda fountains to the jukebox with 50’s favorites. (Rockin’ Robin anyone??) This is the perfect spot to take a break from Christmas shopping and grab a sweet snack.

Photos courtesy of Amy Carroll.


Unique Antiques & Collectables


Now, this shop is cool! If you’ve ever driven down North Austin Street (which, who hasn’t?), I’m sure you’ve spotted this store. I know I rubberneck every time I drive by just to see what new additions Paula has made to the window displays. I’ll tell you what, I’m willing to bet she’s got the very best selection of vintage porcelain signs and memorabilia for miles around. Add to that all the other treasures to be had, and you could totally get swallowed up by nostalgia and not notice that a couple hours have passed.

Photos courtesy of Unique Antiques & Collectables.


2. Harvest Restaurant

Surely everyone in Comanche and the surrounding areas is familiar with Harvest? This is a legit restaurant with a legit chef! We are so very lucky to have a big city restaurant in our quaint little town. Chef Todd carefully curates a new menu every 3 months comprised of locally sourced ingredients as well as Braveheart steaks, fresh seafood, pasta, and wild game. Todd’s menus are always innovative and diverse. If you’re anything like me, your love of food coupled with being naturally indecisive causes a real problem when it comes time to order. Just give me one of everything! Harvest is the perfect place to have lunch with friends or a dinner date with your honey.

Photos courtesy of Harvest Restaurant & Amy Carroll.


3. The Light Show on the Square

There’s something about thousands of colorful, blinking Christmas lights synchronized to music that makes this one pretty hard to miss. Even this self proclaimed Scrooge can’t help but feel like a kid again every time I drive past the courthouse at night. I can’t get the radio tuned to 87.9 fast enough, and I can’t get my car to go slow enough. (I could just get out and walk around, eh? There’s a novel idea.) With iconic characters from Christmases past dotting the landscape, there’s just a magical draw for adults and kiddos alike.

Video courtesy of Katy Reynolds.


4. Stone Eagle Beer Garden

Stone Eagle Beer Garden sits on the Northeast corner of the square perfectly marrying German culture with the Texas way of life. It’s quirky & kitschy, family friendly, and the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a cold beer with some friends. And, don’t worry… with indoor and outdoor rock fireplaces, you’ll stay toasty warm. Enjoy live music every weekend, and, during the months of December and January, Stone Eagle is featuring a spiced mulled wine, made with Brennan Vineyards Austin Street Red. So, after your dinner date with your honey at Harvest, you can hop on over next door to do some boot scootin’ at Stone Eagle.

Photos courtesy of Amy Carroll.


5. The Ice Skating Rink

Yep, you read that right. Comanche now has our very own ice skating rink housed at the community center. Y’all, this is such a great family outing! The kiddos will love it, and, parents, if you’re a little nervous to get out there (we have a lot farther to fall, right?), it’s still a barrel of laughs watching everyone else navigate the “ice.” Ice skating under twinkling Christmas lights with the sound of familiar Christmas tunes… it doesn’t get much merrier than that! The best part? It’s free for kiddos of Comanche county, $3 for kiddos outside the county, and $5 for adults. So, round ’em up and check it out!

Photos courtesy of Amy Carroll.


So, let’s recap. Comanche offers a really unique shopping experience, amazing food, a beer garden with an atmosphere that can’t be beat, the best Christmas light show for miles & miles around, and a place to ice skate under twinkling lights. Sounds pretty Hallmark to me. Suddenly, I have an urge to go decorate. Merry Christmas, y’all!